Tiimiakatemia Global Info

Tiimiakatemia Global Info

Tiimiakatemia Global is a training and consulting company that trains professional team coaches. It has been established in 1993 by teamwork, team coaching and team learning experts. The company’s office is located in Jyväskylä, Finland, at the core of historical Schauman plywood factory area.

The mission of Tiimiakatemia Global is to boldly coach team coaches. They are team coaching professionals who have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences to coach individuals, teams and communities to work and learn together. The main method used to realize this mission is Tiimiakatemia® Method. To certify the competencies of team coaches the company trains, Tiimiakatemia Global upkeeps and develops team coaches’ competency certification system.

The vision of Tiimiakatemia Global is to establish a private and globally networked Team Coach Institute (also known as Team Coaching Centre). There professionals can meet, develop their competencies and do fantastic projects. The Institute creates inspiration, entrepreneurship, learning and communal spirit. Also, we will create a new professional field of team coaching with our clients and collaboration partners.

Tiimiakatemia Global has clients from over 15 countries both from European Union and outside it.

The company offers both short and long-term coaching programs to progressive and inspired professionals from educational and business worlds. Also, the company consults organizations to use team coaching methods and develop as learning organizations.

Tiimiakatemia Global is independent. The experts and advisors who own it are passionate about team coaching. The company is limited for-profit company (limited company) and strives to make modest profit. In addition to business side, the company promotes strong ethical responsibility and ideology.

The company owns and governs several trademarks, including Tiimiakatemia® trademark. The company is registered to Finland (1569781-6).

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