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Innovative Coaching Method

Tiimiakatemia® is a coaching method that is used to educate teampreneurs. It has been developed for almost 25 years. The method is a positive virus: it has over 10 000 different kinds of users in over ten countries.

Numerous learners have discovered the joy of learning and become entrepreneurs by using the method. Those learners who are in working life have developed their managerial skills and have been able to build and lead teams in success.


Tiimiakatemia Global – A Company That Coaches Team Coaches

Tiimiakatemia Global is a company that trains professional team coaches. It has been established in 1993 by teamwork, team coaching and team learning experts.

The main purpose of the company is to boldly train team coaches. They are coaching professionals who have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience to coach individuals, teams and communities to work and learn in teams.

The company offers both short and long-term coaching programs to progressive and inspired professionals both from the worlds of education and business. In addition to the programs, the company consults organisations to use team coaching methodology and build learning organisations.

Tiimiakatemia® Internationally

The positive virus of Tiimiakatemia® has spread to over ten countries both in Europe as well as outside it. Over 40 companies have been created with it.

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Over 5000 professionals from all walks of life have been coached in Tiimiakatemia Global’s programs.

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