Legal Notice

Legal Notice



Tiimiakatemia Global (Partus Oy) governs and promotes the following trademarks globally:

Team Mastery®, Team Academy®, Tiimimestari®, Team Entrepreneur®, Teampreneur®, Tiimi Akatemia (Logo) ®, Tiimiakatemia®, Tiimiyrittäjä®, Tiimiakatemia Learning Network® ja Team Academy® +Device.

The above-mentioned trademarks can be used only with a permission of the trademarks’ owner. Tiimiakatemia Global (Partus Oy) typically grants non-exclusive and limited trademark use rights to those individuals who have certified themselves as Tiimiakatemia® Team Coaches and to those organizations that have been certified in the company’s certification process.



All the copyrights of the publications and other media mentioned on these Internet pages belong to their respective owners. Tiimiakatemia Global (Partus Oy) encourages everyone to buy and read them.

Any kind of use of anything published on these Internet pages is prohibited without the permission of Tiimiakatemia Global (Partus Oy).


The Company

Partus Oy (1569781-6) is registered to Finland. Its mail and office address is Kauppakatu 39, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland. The company uses the marketing name of “Tiimiakatemia Global” in its communications.